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Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner


  • Professional algae, moss, organic growth remover

  • To be used on patios, dash walls, footpaths, concrete

  • It provides outstanding results on “stained” dash walls

  • Highly concentrated, highly active, very well priced

  • To be applied with a mop, a pump or a decking brush

  • The recommended dilution for heavy duty use is 1 to 4

  • Manufactured in Ireland, suitable for outdoor use only

  • Also safe to use on cobblestone, paving, natural stone



Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner - How to use


A heavy duty alkaline cleaner suitable to use on most natural stone surfaces, concrete, dash walls, brick, patios, standard render, etc. Dilute the product 1 to 4 in warm water and apply it to the surface. Allow 5 minutes to react then power wash or rinse off with a hose. Badly stained dash walls might require a few cleaning operations before the staining is removed in full. It can be applied with a pump, a standard brush, a cloth, etc. The product will remove most types of algae, organic growth & all types of organic residue. 



Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner - Where to use


The product can be used on dry & wet dash render, all types of footpaths, patios, cobblestone, brick facades, natural stone surfaces. Pre-testing is required. If some surface has a sealer or a protector, the product will not be able to penetrate it. The sealant has to be fully removed prior to the cleaning. Bear in mind that Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner is very active and burns badly. Wear a pair of gloves and avoid contact with skin.


Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner will provide amazing results on surfaces where other products have failed. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. For heavy duty cleaning jobs use a dilution of 1 to 4. For light cleans increase the dilution to 1 to 10


Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner

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