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Cleanfast Con Clean l General Acid Cleaner

  • Heavy duty external brick cleaner & general acid cleaner

  • Suitable for removing mortar splashes from brick walls

  • Also highly recommended for cleaning patios & footpaths

  • Can be used for heavy duty toilet descaling projects

  • Not suitable for indoor use - besides descaling the toilet

  • Dilute Cleanfast Con Clean 1 to 50 in cold water only

  • Wear full protective equipment when using it

Cleanfast Con Clean l General Acid Cleaner - Where to use

Cleanfast Con Clean l General Acid Cleaner is a powerful external brick cleaner and general acid cleaner. It can be used for deep cleaning external brick, mortar splashes, light moss removal, patio black growth removal, toilet descaling and general heavy duty cleaning projects where standard cleaning products do not provide desirable results. This product is highly active and it burns. Do not use it indoors and do not mix it up with any other cleaning products.

Cleanfast Con Clean l General Acid Cleaner - How to use

This amazing heavy duty acid cleaner has a recommended dilution ratio of 1 to 25. The dilution can be reduced when more cleaning power is required. Dilute the product 1 to 25 in a bucket. Apply the product to the area and allow 5 mins to react with the stain. Avoid splashing painted surfaces, stainless steel, chrome or any type of glossy surfaces. Scrub the area and rinse off the waste or power wash. 

Cleanfast Con Clean l General Acid Cleaner - Commercial

Our external brick cleaner can be used for heavy duty industrial cleaning projects as well. On contact with dirt or organic materials, it will change its composition from liquid to a foam. Some areas will require pre-treatments.

*** this product is highly active and it produces fumes. Pre-test all areas before using it. It will remove sealants and organic growths. Used correctly, it can provide outstanding results. Used wrong, it can damage many types of surfaces. Only use on brick, mortar, concrete, patios, natural stones & dash walls***

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